More from the reflection drinking pool

So far I have had 13 species down to my drinking pool in just a few weeks. Not bad for the winter months. Great tit, blue tit, coal tit, goldfinch, greenfinch, magpie, jackdaw, wren, collared dove, nuthatch, lesser redpoll, blackbird and pheasant. I am going to modify it so I can photograph birds on theContinue reading “More from the reflection drinking pool”


Tawny owl

I was sitting in my car in the corner of a field watching the evening light fade away when a Tawny owl called behind me. I could only think of one old, hollow tree in the hedge it called from and 20 minutes later drove round and parked close to it.  After a few minutesContinue reading “Tawny owl”

Great-spotted woodpecker

There are two good times to photograph Great-spotted woodpecker at the nest. Firstly when the young have just hatched and both parents are going right inside the hole to feed them. As the parents come out they launch themselves from the hole into the air and there is the chance to do them in flight.Continue reading “Great-spotted woodpecker”