End of Lockdown

The newspapers say Boris gave a confusing message. I was not confused. I can go out for as much exercise as I like and use the car to get there. I do not need to worry about social distancing. I will meet nobody.

No more daily posting. Back to the occasional entry. I was up at 04:00 hours this morning and out for the dawn chorus. As ever these days it was a muted affair. Where are all the birds?
At least I am out.

Tiger at Bandhavgarh

38th day of lockdown. This is another slide scan so I have no exif data, but I seem to remember it was taken with the 70-210 F2.8 Canon lens, so very close. Our guide and driver had taken us to a more remote part of the park, pulled up by the side of a track and told us the tiger was heading our way. They decide this based upon the alarm calls of the other animals. After 15 minutes I was very sceptical, but they were right. Not only that but they told me it was going to lie down next to us a good minute before it did. They were a very impressive pair who knew their job well.

Tiger, Panthera tigris, Bandhavgaur, India


Glossy ibis with a leech

36th day of lockdown. This is taken from a lie down hide in the Danube Delta in Romania. I was on one of Saker tours trips in a boat, which are excellent, but asked the guide to leave me in a small bay for half a day with a hide. It was not really a lie down hide, but I lay down in it with my legs sticking out the back. It was very productive though and I did several species that do not get done from the boat so readily.

Glossy ibis, Plegadis falcinellus, single bird by water with leech, Romania, July 2017. Canon EOS 7D Mk2. 800mm lens. 400 iso. 1/500th at f11.


34th day of lockdown. I have photographed Kingfishers many times and this shot is so similar to one I took many years ago. It was easier to get however as I assume I used Procapture and did not have to press the button until after the bird had landed. The reason I do not know is the Exif data does not record whether Procapture was used and my memory is not that good.

Kingfisher, Alcedo atthis, single bird on branch, Warwickshire, July 2019. Olympus M1x. 300mm lens. 1600 iso. 1/6400th at f4.